Anonymous said: Hello, could I request a pose set of two males with one guy looking threattened/intimidated and the other guy threatening him with a knife (a switchblade type) and pinning the other guy against a wall. The threattening guy should also look intimidating and authoritive. I had a side-on view in mind.

Hope that was ok and redable!

First version, holding onto shirt/fabric, knife to neck.
Second version, holding arms, knife to neck.
Hope it helped! This was a challanging and very fun one!

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@w@ Thank you all so much!
I’ll be updating daily, and I hope you like the blog so far.

Crits and suggestions for the blog are welcome in the ASK box too, if anyone is interested in helping me better this place. Go for it! 

Anonymous said: I'd like to see a pose of a female sitting/laying on her side, having her upper half propped up by her right arm as she glances over her left shoulder~
Front-3/4ths view sort of way, with a seductive atmosphere
I hope that makes sense! Please and thank you! :'D

I doubt this is anything close to what you wanted. OTL But I tried to follow your orders!

Anonymous said: This is such a great idea! I'd like to request two poses, but if you only want to do one, that's fine! They're pretty basic: a male sitting with his legs crossed, leaned back a bit so his hands are on the floor/seat for balance/support. The other pose is a male sitting with his legs spread and he's leaned forward, arms resting on his thighs. Thank you!

Thank you very much! Here, I hope one of these is close to what you wanted! <3
edit: sorry I totally missed the ‘hands on his thighs’ part. OTL /slap forehead

fellatio poses for anon. ;D

fellatio poses for anon. ;D

Anonymous said: This is a really neat idea for a tumble blog!

So, to clarify, we can either ask for a specific pose, or we can give a set of ideas/moods when we don't know what kind of pose we want exactly and get some inspiration based off what you draw?

Thanks! I was…a little hesitant but thought it’d be a nice project. So I’m happy you think so!

And yes, you’re exactly right. If anything, you explained better than I could!

Anonymous said: this is a great idea, cant wait to use these! will you be doing adult poses too? *eyebrow raise*

Thank you! If by adult you mean highly suggestive poses, then yes! If you ever wanted something specific and adult, then request it. :)